Nuance Food

The Vietnamese Art of Sharing

“The sharing of food is the basis of social life.” - Laurie Colwin, American Author

About Us.

Welcome to Nuance Food! Beautiful, modern Vietnamese catering from the heart. 

We believe that food is our common ground. Through food, people can enjoy new and exciting experiences, leading to greater empathy and understanding of each one another’s differences. Sharing great food and eating together is a simple yet fundamental way for everyone to feel happier and get along together - for stronger communities and a better world .
Dylan & Theresa Nguyen
“How you do anything is how you do everything.”
Martha Beck

Meet Theresa and Dylan Nguyen

Co-founders of Nuance Food

Humble beginnings

We both came from humble beginnings as refugees from Vietnam. Here is where our journeys begin.

Dylan: My parents came to Australia on a scholarship to study engineering with plans to return home. When the war broke out they became refugees. Luckily they were granted Australian citizenship and worked hard to make their new lives here. 

Theresa: I left Vietnam as a boat refugee at the age of six, finally arriving in Australia aged 12 after six years in a refugee camp. My father had been a judge, and my mother a successful business woman. Both had to make ends meet with low paid farming and sewing work, living in a tiny space to afford our education. Although at times our families didn’t have enough to eat, we found comfort in the familiar dishes of our homeland made with fresh Australian produce.
Thanks to our hard-working parents, and the wonderful opportunities in this country, We went on to have extensive corporate careers for more than a decade in Australia and the UK. At that time in London Vietnamese food was very limited. We satisfied our cravings by  taking day trips by Eurostar to Paris to have Vietnamese food. We started cooking our own Pho which is best made in large batches, sharing it with friends and neighbours. They loved it and suggested that we start selling it, and so began our side business in London called Pho You Pho Me. Eventually, we settled down in The Hills district of Sydney to raise our little family, where we are surrounded by loving family and wonderful friends. Meanwhile, our passion for Vietnamese cuisine only grew. In 2015, we took the plunge and founded Nuance Food. Welcome!

Our Team of Superstars

Our Values


Everyone deserves a go. We embody fairness by sharing food with vulnerable people and providing cooking skills training and paid job opportunities.


We welcome everybody to enjoy Vietnamese culture, and we actively embrace diversity in our business practices and in our nurturing approach to client relationships.


We’re always learning from client feedback and our own experiences. We discover new and creative ways to run our business with social and environmental responsibility.


We’re a bunch of people lovers and givers. We always strive to be kind, attentive and generous to each other and to everyone around us.

Our Communities

Looking after the community

Coming from humble beginnings ourselves, we know what it’s like to face difficulty. We do our best to give everyone a fair go, especially people who are struggling to find a job to support themselves and their families.

Food for the hungry

Skills for the unemployed

We channel all unused food and equipment to a community of vulnerable people living on the street. Soup kitchens, Christmas lunches, need meals and Christmas hampers.

Nuance Food has run multiple commercial cookery programs for people struggling to find work, and providing paid work experience in our business. After the interruption of the pandemic, we’re now in the final stages of preparation for an Asylum Seeker Centre Project to provide cooking skills for a new batch of trainees.