a socially responsible way to deliver
Beautifully delivered food is our vehicle to support a spirit of community

Today's small actions create the seeds for tomorrow. While you can never know which seeds will take hold, we invite you to join us in planting like crazy our values of kindness, patience and inclusivity.

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Our Staff:
We look to employ staff from diverse backgrounds and include individuals from vulnerable areas of society, be it elderly, physically disabled or new migrants looking to gain a foothold, we believe there is a place for everyone with the right heart.

Our Background:
We're Vietnamese Australians. Our home and opportunities have been provided by this country but we want to share the best aspects of our heritage.

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Collaboration is key:
We use our network to team up with other organisations operating in the spaces that we care about. Examples include:
- providing meals to the Sydney Street Kitchen and Safe Space,
- regular cooking classes at Mission Australia
- training courses held at the Asylum Seekers Centre
- Cooking demonstration with the kids at Live. Love. Learn.

At the heart of our thinking is the world that we're leaving to our children. We try to think sustainably not just in packaging, products and pollution, but also the kind of community that we are creating.

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the stories Behind the food
We believe that individual actions done in large enough numbers for long enough will create the impact the world needs. Explore some of our projects, and contact us if you're keen to roll up your sleeves!
Our Team

We believe there is room for people from all areas of society and that's reflected in our team. The elderly, new migrants, and people working with disability. All that matters is heart.

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Vietnamese Culture
Food as Art

One of our missions is to elevate Vietnamese from humble street food, to something beautiful and valued. A celebration of culture and life.

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Allergy Safe

Many Vietnamese dishes are naturally gluten free, and we have a delicious range of vegan and nut-free options. We also provide halal options.

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Eco-friendly packaging

Where possible, we use the most eco-friendly packaging. From recyclable source pots to fully compostable cater boxes, Because the future is now.

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Sydney Street Kitchen

Working with @sydneystreetkitchen is an amazing opportunity to meet and support some of Sydney's rough sleepers...

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Mission Australia

We run a regular "invention test" based upon this week's pantry with @MissionAustralia to help individuals learn basic cooking skills...

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Asylum Seekers Centre

We run a 4 part training program with the team at the Asylum seekers centre to give new migrants the skills to enter the hospitality industry...

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Live. Love. Learn.

We regularly attend the holiday camp to share our story with the children and host a summer roll cooking class with the older ones...

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"Our journey is the journey of Vietnamese Australians"

Dylan and Theresa Nguyen

Our personal journey mirrors the journey of Vietnamese food, and the wider Vietnamese community in Sydney that we are a part of.

From humble beginnings growing up on the fringes of the city, being lost as to what it means to be Vietnamese in a foreign land, we've followed the blueprint that our parents provided us - gaining acceptance and respect through diligence, curiosity, and innovation.

We've been lucky that as we've grown, Australia too has grown becoming more embracing of other cultures and their foods. Our goal is to change the perception of Vietnamese cuisine from something that's exotic, to being as normal as the faces you see on the street every day.